How Buy Here Pay Here Works

Have you been turned down for an auto loan? Do you need a car but don’t know where to go to get the funding you need? Rather than continuing your car financing search at a traditional bank, complete our convenient online application and get access to our network of buy here pay here dealers. In many cases, we can help you find one or more participating dealerships so you can get in-house financing to buy the car you need.

What Exactly Is Buy Here Pay Here Financing?

It’s a car loan that a dealership gives you. Rather than arranging a loan through a third party, like a bank, you purchase a car using in-house financing and make payments at the dealership.

Payment arrangements can vary from one dealership to the next, including payment frequency and payment method. Some require payments to be made weekly or biweekly. As far as payment method goes, some accept online and telephone payments while others require you to go in-person to the dealership with a check or cash. Essentially, you buy a car at the dealership and make payments on it there, too.

Basic Requirements

Just because you face credit challenges doesn’t mean you have to forfeit your right to reliable transportation. When getting a traditional auto loan isn’t an option, CarLotLoans may be able to help you get the financing you need.

The reality is that finding in-house financing companies that are looking to provide bad credit auto loans is a niche we specialize in. It’s something we do all day, every day. If you’ve been turned down for a car loan, we may be able to help. Just submit a secure application online and meet the requirements listed below:

  1. Have verifiable monthly income of $1,200 or more.
  2. Supply proof of residency.
  3. Commit to stay in the area you buy from, so you can continue to make payments at the dealership.


We Facilitate Your Financing Needs

While there are a number of dealerships that sells cars, there are only about 6,000 that participate in in-house financing nationwide. It can be challenging to find more than one dealership to provide you with competing offers, let alone a single dealership to finance a car through.

The good news is that finding in-house auto financing is our specialty. Let us do the heavy lifting and provide you with access to our network of participating dealerships. Not everyone that applies will qualify, but we work hard to ensure that you get the best service possible. Those who do qualify can expect that from the moment they submit a loan application to the time they drive off in a new car that their needs are met.

Getting Started

At CarLotLoans, we specialize in helping people with poor credit get into the car they need and we’re good at it. In fact, we have access to a number of participating buy here pay here dealers that are willing to lend money to people with credit issues. Getting started is easy. If your credit is bad and you’ve been turned down for a car loan everywhere, don’t sweat it! Apply now and you could be driving your new car tomorrow.