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Having access to reliable transportation is something that everyone needs, but if you have bad credit it can be challenging to obtain car financing. If you’ve been turned down for an auto loan, check out our array of buy here pay here tools and resources before you go shopping again. Learn more about the buy here pay here car loans opportunities, see what our average dealer and customer profile is like, learn about the types of cars in-house financing companies offer, explore various finance terms, use our handy auto loan calculators and much more.

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CarLotLoans is not an auto financing company. We are a professional organization with over 100 years of auto lending industry experience and we work with a national network of participating in-house financing dealerships.

One of the biggest challenges you may face when looking for these types of car loans is finding a buy here pay here dealership in your area. We’ve made the process simple by locating these dealerships and contracting with them to work with our customers. Take advantage of our experience and our resources, and discover how easy it can be to buy a new car with our participating buy here pay here dealers.

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Don’t be discouraged if your credit score isn’t up to par or if you’ve been turned down for an auto loan in the past. Browse through our tools and resources, learn about this alternative auto financing solution and apply when you’re ready.